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The following songs from Yanomamo were filmed for the 1988 Channel 4 Fragile Earth documentary 'Song of the Forest'. The programme featured the Choir and Musicians of St Augustine's RC High School, Billington, Lancashire under the musical direction of Peter Rose, and guest narrator Sting, The same cast and narrator gave the USA première performance of Yanomamo in the Kennedy Centre, Washington DC.

The Living Trees
The Jaguar Song;  The Monkey's Tale; Forest People;  
Like the Man from the Government saidWhy? Burn Them Trees;
The Sad LandThe RiverFireYanomamo (Leave all the Trees)

Ocean World: 

Ocean World was made into a Channel 4 'Fragile Earth' documentary, directed by Richard Keefe. The following songs were included in this moving television programme which was narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Enigma of the Deep/My World; Creatures of Coral; Love Song of the DiatomCoral Cacophony; Evacuation
Operation Neptune; Cousin Dolphin; Turtle;

Ocean World
:  Turtle as sung by Andrea Tushingham accompanied by James Church

One Sun One World  
(Please click picture for information video with samples of songs)

Written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), One Sun One World was given its première performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Performers included thousands of Kensington and Chelsea schoolchildren, St Augustine's RC High School Choir, Billington, Baritone Rodney Clarke and soloists from the Royal College of Music, all accompanied by the English Chamber Orchestra augmented by senior instrumental students from the RCM.
In this video clip, Baritone Rodney Clarke sings the role of the wise, old oak tree in the premiere performance at the Royal Albert Hall.


St Augustine's RC High School were invited to send a representative choir of fifteen pupils (coached by Head of Music, Toni Hudson) to sing excerpts from One Sun One World at  WWF's International's 50th Anniversary celebration in Zurich on April 29th. Keynote speaker was Archbishop Desmond Tutu who warmly greeted every individual singer and was very much moved by their wonderful performance in front of some of the most influential people on the planet.

This video features the final song of their performance - JUST ONE WORLD.  They are accompanied at the piano by Peter Rose.