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We have continued to make a few more important additions to our Rose-Conlon catalogue.

GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF US ALL:  Now available. Our first publication of 2016, this hymn has been written to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Flora MacKillop, mother of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. In their correspondence, Mary made much mention of her mother's belief in divine providence;  "God will take care of us all" was a phrase much used in the MacKillop family home.

Piano Vocal Sheet Music RCM125

Single Copy Licence (Piano/Organ Vocal)
10 Copy Licence (Choir Only + Lyrics)
30 Copy Licence (Choir Only + Lyrics)

THE MACKILLOP OUR FATHER: Now available. Peter's setting of the Lord's Prayer beautifully complements his very popular MacKillop Mass setting. This setting is eminently suitable  for congregations. There are however optional Priest's introductory plainsong chants included ("At the Saviour's command..." and "Deliver us Lord, we pray...) and an optional second choral harmony part.

Piano Vocal Sheet Music RCM123

Piano Vocal One Copy Licence RCM2024PD

Choir Part and Lyric Sheet 10 Copy Licence RCM2025PD
Choir Part and Lyric Sheet 30 Copy Licence RCM2026PD

STAY WITH US, LORD, ON OUR JOURNEY: Now available. This new hymn has as its title the very short but beautiful prayer shared by the new Bishop of Salford with his clergy and parishioners. The music is available as a stand alone hymn, both in sheet music form and in digital download. Here is the first verse:

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey,
Close at the dawn of each day.
Share in our hopes, share in our dreams,
Help us to find our way.
Be with us, Lord, in our gladness,
Strengthened with you at our side,
Safe in your hands, safe in your love,
Safe with you truth as guide.

Piano Vocal Sheet Music RCM124

Piano Vocal One Copy Licence RCM2053PD

Choir Part and Lyric Sheet 10 Copy Licence RCM2054PD
Choir Part and Lyric Sheet 30 Copy Licence RCM2055PD