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Hymns for a Caring World

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Hymns for a Caring World reflect our need to care for each other and the world we share. They are suitable for use in a wide variety of situations:

CARE FOR YOUR WORLD (When Your Father Made The World): harvest, repentance, celebration of creation, healing, reconciliation.

CARE FOR OUR WORLD: multifaith version of the above.

JESUS CHOSE A DONKEY: Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Advent, Christmas, justice, repentance.

THERE'LL BE TIME: marriage, baptism, funeral, confirmation, healing, reconciliation, any significant milestone.

USE THE SWORDS: Advent, Easter, justice, peace, healing, reconciliation.

YOU KNOW THE WORLD: celebration of creation, praise, trust, meditation.

LORD, I AM BLIND: Lent, repentance, healing, sight, blindness, story of Bartimaeus - Mark 10;46-52

A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS: repentance, advent, John the Baptist.

LEAD US, O LORD: Advent, Christmas, repentance.

O LORD, PROTECT YOUR SERVANTS: marriage, baptism, funeral, confirmation, any significant milestone.

WHEN THE WORDS I SPEAK: repentance, healing, reconciliation, justice.

WE ARE YOUR CHILDREN: offertory, communion, repentance, baptism, funeral, any significant milestone.

NEWS IS WHISPERED IN CORNERS: Easter, jubilee, celebration, praise.


  • A Voice in the Wilderness
  • Care for Our World
  • Care For Your World (When Your Father Made The World)
  • Jesus Chose a Donkey
  • Lead Us. O Lord
  • Lord, I am Blind
  • News is Whispered in Corners
  • O Lord, Protect Your Servants
  • There'll be Time
  • Use the Swords
  • We are Your Children
  • When the Words I Speak
  • You Know the World