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In June 2014, over 250 former choir members and musicians from St Augustine's RC High School, Billington came together  to celebrate their school's 50th Anniversary.  The performers were delighted to welcome the school's present choir to share the platform, singing songs from One Sun One World. 

The performance in King George's Hall, Blackburn was entitled Just One World and it featured exclusively 23 songs from Peter Rose & Anne Conlon's famous WWF and CAFOD environmental musicals: Yanomamo, African Jigsaw, Ocean World, Arabica, Song of Creation and One Sun One World. The performance raised a remarkable £25,000 for the Catholic aid charity, CAFOD.

In the north of Ethiopia, drought threatens hundreds of families who rely on farming for survival. The community is fighting back. Local people are building reservoirs and water pipes to keep the fields green and improve the harvests. All the money raised from our Reunion concert was forwarded to CAFOD in support of their project helping the Sebaya community build sustainable water supplies.

Just One World is not simply a series of unrelated songs, but a carefully crafted cantata combining stunning solos and energetic choruses with Anne Conlon's newly written, thought provoking narrations. In effect, a new work has sprung out of the old to remind us of the uniqueness and beauty of our planet, the awesome splendour of human achievement and the responsibility we all share to care for the earth's wellbeing and that of everyone of its inhabitants. These amazing performers and this very special cantata together inspired an audience of over 1000 people in King George's Hall to donate a staggering £25,000. You are invited to perform the work. To register your interest, please email us.

All the songs are available as individual MP3 downloads. Please visit this page to purchase the downloads.

Profits from sales will be forwarded to CAFOD.  Below are short samples of each song.

2. Forest People
4. Burn Them Trees
3. The Jaguar
5. Run Away
6. Yanomamo
8. Africa
9. African Welcome
10. Doorway in the Rain
11. Nsansa Censele
12. People of Africa
14. Ocean World
15. Cousin Dolphin
16. Evacuation
17. Man-Made Hell
18. Precious Life
20. The Wise Oak Tree
21. Just One World
23. Juggernaut
24. Fruits of the Earth
25. We See The World
27. Sailing Alone
28. A Fair World
19. We Share A Wonderful World
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