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One Sun One World

One Sun One World, commissioned by WWF-UK for their 50th Anniversary celebrations, celebrates our astonishing planet in all its rich diversity, but also examines changes brought about by human activities in a modern world.

The musical's characters: the oak tree, the panda, the polar bear, the tiger and Cacao (the chocolate plant) remind us of the great wonders and beauties of the earth and the intricate threads of life linking every living thing. The children of the world tell us about the amazing web of trade and communication which has produced our exciting modern world with its global transport systems and its ever-changing technology.


But as the musical unfolds, the characters become more and more worried by changes beyond their control. The children of the world wonder how they can help to protect this wonderful life we all know.

One Sun One World was given its premiere performance in the Royal Albert Hall on October 22nd, 2009. The English Chamber Orchestra, augmented by senior students from the Royal College of Music, London, accompanied a combined choir of over 1500 children from schools throughout the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, accompanied by St Augustine's RC High School Choir in Billington, Lancashire. 

Finale at the Royal Albert Hall. Just One World (with the English Chamber Orchestra)
If the wind had never blown: Maria Ward-Schüle, Mainz, Germany.
My Best Friend: Maria Ward-Schüle


Voices and Piano or

Voices and Chamber Orchestra 

2.1.2(2 dbl B.Cl).1 / / Perc - 6 players min. / Piano (opt.) / Hp / Strings               


Performing the Musical:

For information regarding any issues relating to performance and/or obtaining hire music/recordings,  Click here.

Details of Publications currently available:
Piano/Vocal Score available from Presto Music:
Click here

Chorus Book available from Presto Music: Click here

Word Book available from Presto Music: Click here
Full Score and Stage Band parts available on hire from

Josef Weinberger Ltd. Click here.

Driven By The Power: Maria Ward-Schüle
Winds of Change: Maria Ward-Schüle

Recordings and Additional Resources:A rehearsal CD recorded by Opera graduates from the Royal College of Music, London is available by contacting Alex Dangerfield at Josef Weinberger Ltd. A piano accompaniment-only CD is also available.

Video of One Sun One World: For viewing a promotional video of clips from the first Royal Albert Hall performance, please click here.

If We Don't have The Energy: Maria ward-Schüle

Educational/Curriculum Resources:

One Sun One World offers a rich curriculum opportunity for your school for exploring issues relating to the curriculum areas of science, literacy, geography, and of course music. An excellent free educational One Sun One World resource pack available here (PDF).

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