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Mass Settings 

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The MacKillop Mass

and Lord I Give My Life To You

RCM101   Piano/Vocal Edition       £5.50

RCM110   Congregation Edition    £1.20

RCM112   Choir Only Edition          £2.40


The Cille Choirill Mass

and The Peace of God

RCM102    Piano/Vocal Edition          £5.50

RCM111    Congregation Edition       £1.20

RCM113    Choir Edition                       £2.40



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RCM103      The Thirsting Deer                

RCM104      Help Us To Love                      

RCM105      Teach Me To Trust                 

RCM106      Love is Always Patient          

RCM118      To You, O Lord                        

RCM118      This Is Our Faith                      

RCM119      Mary, Help of Christians   

RCM120      The Peace of God             

RCM120      Lord, I Give My Life To You    

RCM122      You, The Christ, Have Set Us Free    

RCM123     The MacKillop Our Father         

RCM124     Stay With Us, Lord, On Our Journey    

RCM125     God Will Take Care Of Us All     

RCM127     May The Lord Encircle You       

RCM130     The Breaking of Bread   

RCM108     On A Cold, Dark Night  (£2.20)

Hymns For A Caring World: Volume of 12 Hymns  £7.95  (from Presto Music)


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Piano/Vocal Score   £12.95 
Chorus Book    £6.95

Word Book       £4.50 

Ocean World

Piano/Vocal Score  £16.95

Chorus Book   £6.95

Word Book      £4.50


Piano/Vocal Score  £17.95

Chorus Book  £6.95

Word Book  £4.50

One Sun One World

Piano/Vocal Score   £21.95

Chorus Book  £7.40

Word Book 

African Jigsaw

Piano/Vocal Score  £16.95

Chorus Book  £6.95

Word Book   £4.50

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To purchase The Conversion Job music, please click the titles.

The Conversion Job

RCM126    Piano/Vocal Score     £12.50

RCM2CD    Backing Tracks CD    £12.00

Also available as PDF downloads:

Performance Package   (RCM2059PD)

Soloist/Chorus Scores  (RCM2060PD)

MP3 Backing Tracks      (RCM89MD)

Called To Be Happy 

Piano Vocal Score in preparation

Chorus Book in preparation

Word Book in preparation

For information regarding publication date,

please contact Josef Weinberger Ltd.

Song of Creation  (from Presto Music)

Chorus Book  £6.95

Word Book     £4.95

Piano/Vocal Score:  Print to order from Josef Weinberger Ltd