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PDF Downloads For the purchasing of music to be E-mailed to you

To purchase the download, please click the relevant catalogue number which will then connect you to our Rose Conlon Music Store. Once payment has been received, your name (or that of your choir, school, church etc) will be printed on the music. The PDF(s) will then be emailed to you. Please remember that to protect the integrity of the licence, only you (or your chosen group) will have the permission  to download and print the music. If you have any queries, please email us. 

Mass Settings

a) Piano/Organ Vocal (Single Copy @ £4.25)  (b) Choir Only  (Up to 20 copies @ £14.00)  c) Congregation (Up to 50 copies @ £17.00)

The MacKillop Mass


(Piano/Vocal)     £3.75


(Choir Only)         £12.00


(Congregation)  £15.00      

The Cille Choirill Mass


(Piano/Vocal)     £3.75


(Choir Only)         £12.00


(Congregation)  £15.00  

The Carfin Mass


(Piano/Vocal)     £3.75


(Choir Only)         £12.00


(Congregation)  £15.00  


(a) Piano/Vocal (Licence to print a Single Copy)  (b) Choir Only  (Licence to print up to 20 copies)

The MacKillop Gloria

RCM2046PD   (Piano/Vocal)    £2.50 

RCM2047PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00  


The MacKillop Our Father  

RCM2024PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50       

RCM2025PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00 

Lord, I Give My Life To You  

RCM2012PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2013PD    (Choir Only)      £10.00

RCM2012BT   (Backing Track) £3.00

When Your Father Made The World 

RCM2080PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2081PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00

Mary, Help of Christians  

RCM2001PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2002PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00                        


This Is Our Faith  

RCM2007PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2008PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00

RCM2007BT   (Backing Track)  £3.00

You, The Christ, Have Set Us Free  

RCM2015PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2016PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00

The Peace of God  

RCM2018PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50    

RCM2019PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00

The Thirsting Deer  

RCM2021PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2022PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00


Stay With Us, Lord         

RCM2053PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50 

RCM2054PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00

Love is Always Patient  

RCM2027PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50   

RCM2028PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00

Teach Me To Trust         

RCM2030PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2031PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00


Help Us To Love             

RCM2036PD    (Piano/Vocal)  £2.50

RCM2037PD    (Choir Only)      £10.00

God Will Take Care Of Us All     

RCM2056PD    (Piano /Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2057PD    (Choir Only)        £10.00


May The Lord Encircle You     

RCM2071PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2072PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00

There’ll Be Time     

RCM2074PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2075PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00                                            

To You, O Lord, We Will Sing A New Song   

RCM2039PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50

RCM2040PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00

I See The Heavens               

RCM2101PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50  

RCM2102PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00

We See The World               

RCM2104PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50  

RCM2105PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00

On A Cold Dark Night   (Advent/Christmas Carol) 

RCM2004PD   (Piano/Vocal)   £2.75 

RCM2006PD   (Choir Only)       £10.00

We'll Be Led By The Spirit

RCM2140PD    (Piano/Vocal)   £2.50   

RCM2141PD    (Choir Only)       £10.00


A series of Latin Motets, written by Peter Rose and arranged for Solo Voice with SATB or SSA Choir &  Piano/Organ

(a) Vocal score & Piano/Organ (Single Copy: £2.50)      (b) Choir Only  (Up to 20 copies: £8.00)


RCM2128PD   (Vocal Score)

Solo Voice, SATB Choir, Piano/Organ   £2.50


RCM2129PD   (SATB Choir Part Only)   £8.00

RCM2130PD   (Vocal Score)

Solo Voice, SSA Choir, Piano/Organ     £2.50

RCM2131PD   (SSA Choir Part Only)     £8.00

Salve Regina 

RCM2132PD   (Vocal Score)

Solo Voice, SATB Choir, Piano/Organ   £2.50


RCM2133PD   (SATB Choir Part Only)   £8.00

RCM2134PD   (Vocal Score)

Solo Voice, SSA Choir, Piano/Organ     £2.50

RCM2135PD   (SSA Choir Part Only)     £8.00

Ave Maris Stella in preparation

RCM2136PD   (Vocal Score)

Solo Voice, SATB Choir, Piano/Organ   £2.50


RCM2137PD   (SATB Choir Part Only)   £8.00

RCM2138PD   (Vocal Score)

Solo Voice, SSA Choir, Piano/Organ     £2.50

RCM2139PD   (SSA Choir Part Only)     £8.00

Songs from 'Voices'

A representative selection of favourite solos from the Rose-Conlon environmental musicals, particularly suitable for stand alone performance. Each licence permits the download and printing of one piano vocal score. 

All songs: © Josef Weinberger Ltd.  Click the relevant catalogue number to purchase.

Doorway In The Rain  (African Jigsaw) 

RCM2061PD  (P/Vocal)    £2.75


The Sloth   (Yanomamo)                                              RCM2062PD    (P/Vocal)    £2.75

The Jaguar   (Yanomamo)                                          RCM2063PD     (P/Vocal)    £2.75


Turtle  (Ocean World)                                                RCM2064PD    (P/Vocal)    £2.75 

Sensuous Soul  (Ocean World)                                RCM2065PD     (P/Vocal)    £2.75


Love Song of the Diatom  (Ocean World)          RCM2066PD     (P/Vocal)    £2.75

Taxi Car   (African Jigsaw)                                          RCM2067PD    (P/Vocal)    £2.75

Because of Me  (Song of Creation)

RCM2068PD    (P/Vocal)    £2.75

Neuron of the Mind   (Song of Creation)   

RCM2069PD     (P/Vocal)    £2.75

Dinner For Two   (Arabica)                               

RCM2077PD   (P/Vocal)    £2.75

Life’s Never Been So Good  (One Sun One World) 

RCM2070PD    (P/Vocal)    £2.75

The Old Oak Tree   (One Sun One World)   

RCM2113PD (P/Vocal)    £2.75

Water  (One Sun One World)                             

RCM2114PD  (P/Vocal)    £2.75

The Winds of Change  (One Sun One World)

RCM2115PD  (P/Vocal)    £2.75

Songs for Duet or SS Choir

Scarborough Fair

RCM2040PD   (P/Vocal)   £2.20

RCM2044PD   (Choir Only *Unlimited copy licence)  £8.00

The World Is Green

RCM2117PD  (P/Vocal)  £2.75

Fruits of the Earth

RCM2118PD  (P/Vocal)  £2.75

Baloo Baleerie

RCM2033PD   (P/Vocal)   £2.20

RCM2034PD   (Choir Only *Unlimited copy licence)  £8.00

Sailing Alone

RCM2120PD  (P/Vocal)  £2.75

Cousin Dolphin

RCM2119PD  (P/Vocal)  £2.75

Other Songs for Solo Voice

Two Little Kittens

RCM2011PD  (P/Vocal) 1.95

Instrumental Music

For Better... For Worse 

by Peter Rose


Soprano Sax (Clarinet) + Piano   



Alto Sax + Piano  £5.75


Each volume contains ten popular Scottish traditional tunes for

Pre-Grade 1 Pianists 


Craic'n'Keys Vol 1


Craic'n'Keys Vol 2


The Conversion Job

RCM2059PD   Performance Package  £20.00

RCM2060PD   Soloist/Chorus Scores  £35.00

RCM89MD       Backing Tracks   £10.00


Performance Package: 

This package contains the following:
a) The libretto
b) The song lyrics (18 songs)
c) The narratives. 
d) PDF lyrics optimised for smart board projection 
e) Background Information
f) Programme Notes

* By purchasing this download, you are licensed to make sufficient copies solely for the use of your own school/church.

Soloist/Chorus Scores

This PDF download licenses you (for your school’s use only) to copy as many Soloist/Chorus sheet music scores as necessary

(30 pages - 18 songs)

Backing Tracks

This download contains 20 high quality Piano Backing Tracks for rehearsal and performance purposes. It will be forwarded via  Also available as a CD.

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