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 PDF downloads - a new series of favourite solos from our environmental musicals. All also available as MP3 downloads.

Because of Me (Song of Creation)

Neuron of the Mind (Song of Creation)

Doorway in the Rain (African Jigsaw)

Taxi Car (African Jigsaw)

Dinner for Two (Arabica)

Life’s Never Been So Good (One Sun One World)

Water (One Sun One World)

Love Song of the Diatom (Ocean World)

Sensuous Soul (Ocean World)

The Sloth (Yanomamo)

The Jaguar (Yanomamo)

Turtle (Ocean World)

The Old Oak Tree (One Sun One World)

Winds Of Change

Life's Never Been So Good
Winds of Change
The Old Oak Tree

Two Little Kittens  PDF download

Voice and Piano by Peter Rose (Words anon)

A charming, humorous song. A great festival/concert choice!

...Two little kittens one stormy night

Began to quarrel, and then to fight;

One had a mouse, the other had none,

And that's the way the quarrel begun...

Two Little Kittens
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