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YANOMAMO An astonishing achievement... moving and highly entertaining' - Sir David Attenborough

Yanomamo describes the crisis situation in the Amazon Basin, where rainforest trees are being felled for use as commercial timber, the land cleared for ranching, and thousands of peasants from Brazil's overcrowded cities arrive in search of a better life.

The Yanomami is the oldest Indian tribe living in the forest. Unlike our own civilisation, which uses natural resources with little thought for the future. the Yanomami lead a way of life in harmony with nature which, undisturbed, would survive with the forest for the next twenty thousand years and more. The Indians' existence, and that of millions of animal and plant species, is threatened by the destruction of the trees and the arrival of the incomers.

Outsiders assume that the soil is permanently rich and expect that once the trees are cleared, the land will be very productive. But after two years, no crops will grow. Why? Because the richness of the jungle is in the trees, not in the soil.


The delicate balance of nature is being systematically removed, and soon the rainforests, which are crucial to the world's eco-system, will disappear together with the Indians and the wildlife.


Is there the time or the will to save them?

Instrumentation:3 Flutes,  3/4 Bb Clarinets,   2 Alto Saxophones,  2 Tenor Saxophones3 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, TubaElectric Bass   Classical/Acoustic GuitarElectric Keyboard,  (String) Synthesiser,  PianoTimpani, Bass Drum, Drum Kit, Cymbals, Xylophone, Vibraphone,  Glockenspiel,   Tambourine,  Maracas,   Cabasa,   Wood Block

Details of Publications currently available:
Piano/Vocal Score (£12.95) available from
Presto Music 
Chorus Book (£6.95) available from Presto Music

Word Book (£4.50) available from Presto Music

Full Score and Stage Band parts available on hire from Josef Weinberger Ltd. Click here.

Performing the Musical:The number of performances of Yanomamo throughout the years have never failed to amaze us! Hundreds of thousands of children have sung this musical, the world's first environmental musical. If you are considering a performance and would like to know more about licensing details and hire of parts, please click here.

Recordings and Additional Resources:
A cassette/CD recording, performed by the Choir and Musicians of St. Augustine's RC High School,Billington and narrated by Sir David Attenborough is available by contacting 
Alex Dangerfield at Josef Weinberger Ltd. 

NarrationsThe situation in all the world's rainforests is constantly changing. In order to ensure you have narrations that are up-to-date, for the latest revised narrations, please visit here.  

Mp3 downloads of Yanomamo, live in The Kennedy Centre, Washington DC with Narrator STING, now available to purchase here.

These Yanomamo tracks are from the Charity Concert: Just One World

Forest People
Run Away
The Jaguar
Burn Them Trees

Television Appearances:

Yanomamo was filmed as Song of the Forest and shown on Channel 4's Fragile Earth series, narrated by Sting. Many songs from this programme can be viewed on YouTube: 

The Living Trees     Yanomamo     The Jaguar     The Monkey's Tale     Fire;      Why?   The River   Forest People  The Sad Land 

Like The Man From The Government Said   Burn Them Trees

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